Konoha High School: Damleg is back!


Ok, all of you guys have probably heard of the work of the Deviantart userDamleg, and if not her general art, then surely you have heard of her most famous work, the SasuSaku/NaruHina Doujin that spread like wildfire in the fanbase: Konoha High School. And if you’ve heard of it, then you probably also know that it was never finished and the user hasn’t shown signs of life in 2 years.

Well… She’s back


For those who don’t understand spanish, she’s basically saying this: After so long, she saw something that she never expected: She saw that people, even after so long, were STILL hoping for her return and wanted to see the ending of the doujin. This is something that surprised her to no end, and she realized that leaving Da was a mistake, because it was the thing she loved the most and just left it because she thought she would never have time with her work, but she just wasn’t happy and that she missed it. And, the biggest reason i posted this, that you do not have to worry: She is going to finish Konoha High School.

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  3. queennorthway answered: I read this and sat like “no fucking way. I can’t believe it. ….*ONE-MAN DANCE PARTY!!!*” DREAMS DO BECOME REALITY <3 THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
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